Interview with Diego Limoeiro

Watch and listen how Diego was able to apply to and get accepted by a top program here in the United States, just 10 months after beginning his revalidation journey with the DrDream.co digital platform.

Dr. Brian Singletary

My name is Dr. Brian Singletary. I am a former Chief of Dentistry, GPR Program Director, and Associate Clinical Professor at Yale-New Haven Hospital as well as the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry. I have the pleasure of meeting and working with Dr. Cristian Brutten for more than 10 years. During this time, I witnessed Dr. Brutten’s transition from Brazil to a Harvard University-trained Pediatric Dentist, Entrepreneur, and family man. Dr. Brutten is a prime example of how intellect, perseverance, hard work, and honesty, can lead to success. I encourage you to listen to him, work with him, and you too may realize a positive and successful path to achieve your educational and professional goals!

Dr. Diego Limoeiro

Dr. Pedro Queiroz