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Dr. Michel Furtado and Dr. Cristian Brutten are dentists who graduated from Dental Schools in Brazil. They have moved to the United States and became Dental Specialists. Dr. Furtado is a Periodontist who graduated from the University of Connecticut, while Dr. Brutten is a Pediatric Dentist who graduated from the Harvard School of Dental Medicine. They have gone through different paths and encountered challenges in the process of validating their degrees. Now, as practicing specialists in the United States, they have combined their experiences to create DrDream.

Dr. Michael Furtado

DDS, MSc, MDS - Periodontist - Diplomate, American Board of Periodontology

Dr. Michel Furtado obtained his dental degree in Brazil in 2003 and dedicated his time between private practice and academic research for the following 2 years. His research experience in Brazil culminated with the licensing of a patent on the formulation of a gel for the controlled release of antimicrobials to be used in Periodontal surgery. In 2006 he was accepted for the Master of Science Program at the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Toronto, where he worked under the supervision of one of the world leaders in Bone Biology and Stem Cell Research, Dr. John E. Davies. Dr. Furtado also held the position of teaching assistant in the disciplines of Oral Biochemistry, Head and Neck Anatomy, and Bone Interfacing Implants. Michel’s academic work was presented at International Conferences and he has co-authored a book chapter on the role of implant surface topography in immediate implant loading (Mendes, Araujo, Davies. In: Immediate Loading. The new age of Implantology. Ed. Tiziano Testori, Fabio Galli, Massimo Del Fabro). Dr. Furtado's studies in Toronto and Farmington-CT have rendered the publication of several scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals (Clinical Oral Implants Research, Biomaterials, Clinical Advances in Periodontics, PLoS One, BMC Nephrology).

The dream of becoming a practicing dentist in North America came true when he completed his specialty residency and Master of Dental Science in Periodontology at the University of Connecticut (2013). Currently, Dr. Furtado is a Diplomate of the American Academy of Periodontology and works as a Periodontist at SolidBite Dental Office in Melbourne, Florida.

Michel lives with his wife and two children in West Melbourne, Florida. He loves spending time with his family at the nearby beaches and at Disney in Orlando. He also enjoys traveling, music, footvolley, soccer, and chess.

Dr. Furtado is thrilled to have the opportunity to help his fellow international dentists reach their revalidation dream. He has experience in academia and private practice and has honed unique skills to develop the DrDream programs together with Dr. Cristian Brutten.


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Dr. Cristian Brutten

DDS, MM, CAGS – Pediatric Dentist

Dr. Cristian Brutten is extremely excited to join the DrDream team bringing his passion as an entrepreneur and Educator to our new digital platform. As a collaborator for US News and World Report on the Education segment, Cristian has helped International students worldwide achieve their goals at Elite Universities in the United States. Together with Dr. Michel Furtado, he has developed an efficient and methodologic program that addresses all milestones of the revalidation process for International Dentists to practice in the United States. Dr. Brutten has experienced the validation process from 2 perspectives. First, he completed a 2-year AEGD residency at the University of Connecticut. Then, he completed a 2-year Pediatric Dentistry residency at Harvard University, an affiliated program with Boston Children's Hospital (one of the most prestigious Pediatric Institutions in the world).

As an entrepreneur, Cristian has been a founder, owner, and developer of multiple companies related to innovation in different fields. He is the founder and co-owner of Customize America, a technology company in Oral Maxillofacial reconstruction that develops implantable devices using 3-dimensional printing of titanium prosthesis through software design. Currently, he is also involved in a project that combines Law and Artificial Intelligence for the automation and maximization of lawyer's tasks.

Cristian is also a professional violinist. He was accepted with a full scholarship at the Yale University School of Music at age 17. He was awarded many prizes internationally and devoted many years of his career traveling from a young age to perform, study, and teach music.

Cristian lives with his wife and three children in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he enjoys the natural beauty of the four seasons and the great lakes. He looks forward to creating a fascinating way to help International Dentists achieve their academic and professional dreams.


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